Ten Things I Know To Be True (April Edition)

#1: If you combine three black tea bags, a spoonful of honey,  a squirt of lemon juice and a handful of fresh mint in pot of boiling water, cover it and let it steep for five minutes, then pour it over ice, you’ll have some pretty awesome tasting iced tea.

Honey-Lemon-Mint Iced Tea, Rosey Rebecca Blog

#2: The best place in the grocery store is, hands down, the cheese section.  Cow’s milk cheese, goat cheese, vegan cheese, whatever. If there’s cheese involved, you know it’s a pretty good day.

Grocery Shopping, Rosey Rebecca Blog

#3: Sometimes recipes are so good you have to make them twice…in two days.

Warm Potatoes with Garlic Turmeric Sauce, Rosey Rebecca Blog

#4: Soup is the best…even when it’s 79 degrees outside. And especially if it’s Turkish Red Lentil Soup with paprika oil  and lemon juice drizzled on top.

Turkish Red Lentil Soup- Rosey Rebecca Blog

#5: If you’re just not feeling it today, there’s always Child’s Pose

Or this pose:

Aslan, Rosey Rebecca Blog

#6:  If I were ever stranded on a desert island, as long as there were bakery bread, eggs, avocados and crimini mushrooms, I’d be totally fine.  Oh, and cheese.  There’d have to be cheese too. (See #2.) So, basically, if I were ever stranded on a desert island, I’d need there to be a bakery and a creamery and a farm.  I’d also need to have a really comfy bed…and a hot tub. But that’s it.  Oh, AND CHOCOLATE MOUSSE. Ok, now I’m done.  Oh wait, COFFEE!  Maybe I should just stay home. No desert island for me.

Egg, Mushrooms and Avocado on French Bread, Rosey Rebecca Blog

#7: It’s impossible to watch this video without smiling.

#8: It’s perfectly acceptable to go the whole day without realizing your shirt is inside out. (And still not fix it even when you do.)

HomeGrown Tee, Rosey Rebecca Blog

#9:  Once a month, when you’re a lady (and even when you’re not), it’s OK to want to do nothing else but nap and eat chocolate cake for five days straight.

Chocolate Cake, Rosey Rebecca Blog

#10: When life gets tough, keep riding. Always.*  (The sign pictured below was posted at the top of a very steep hill on a bike path in Virginia.)

Keep Riding, Rosey Rebecca Blog

*For those now wondering, I’m completely fine. I know some of you out there might need that sign though. <3

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Have a Great Wednesday! <3


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