Some Things I Really Loved This Week (#5)

Woo! It’s Friday! We made it to the weekend, friends! Hope you had an awesome week!

It’s that time again when I share with you some things that positively affected me this week and I hope they will make you happy as well! Feel free to share some things that YOU really loved this week in the comments!

Great Things I Listened To

This awesome song about getting out to vote!

Some Things I Really Loved This Week #5-

Lately, I’ve been binge-listening (is that a thing?) to Lore Podcast. It’s super spooky but also chock-full of interesting history lessons. I highly recommend it.

This Weezer Cover of Africa by Toto.

This Toto cover of Hash Pipe by Weezer.

Experiences That Made Me Happy

Some Things I Really Loved This Week #5-

Writing this blog post at one of my favorite coffee shops in Asheville: Liberty House Coffee & Cafe. For how much I love this little coffee shop, I don’t visit often enough. It made me really happy to be able to camp out, drink a steaming cup of lavender earl grey tea, and put together this happy blog post on a chilly Thursday afternoon. Plus, their patio pumpkin game is ON POINT.

Some Things I Really Loved This Week #5-

Before I headed to Liberty House, I met up with Rebecca (Asheville Mother Runner) for tacos at White Duck Taco Shop in South Asheville. If you’re a longtime blog reader you might remember that Rebecca and I met on Instagram in early 2016. Well, that’s the last time I saw her! Life got crazy, Rebecca had a baby boy, and before we knew it, two and half years flew by without seeing each other. We fixed that yesterday with a great taco date and a promise to not let it go that long without hanging out again. In fact, we have plans to hit up Asheville’s new bagel shop Button & Co Bagel Shop sometime in the next week or so.

Some Things I Really Loved This Week #5-

I opened my mailbox on Tuesday to find this fun surprise from my friends at Healthy Living Blogs. If you know me, you know that I absolutely LOVE getting packages in the mail, so this made my day! I also love how often I receive packages addressed to “Rosey Rebecca” and how often people call me “Rosey” in real life.  Anyway, this adorable package included a spooky Halloween greeting and pictures and two bags of tea. So fun!

Inspiring Things I Saw or Read


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Some Things I Really Loved This Week #5-

Love this beautiful reminder from Morgan Harper Nichols.

Things That Made Me Laugh

Some Things I Really Loved This

Jeff shared this picture on my Facebook.  So, so true.

Some Things I Really Loved This

Adrienne Hedger is inside my head.

I don’t have a dog but when I did I totally used this logic. Comic by Loryn Brantz.


As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. I haven’t listened to anything by Weezer in a while, but I’ll have to check those out! I’m gonna need to visit that coffee shop the next time I’m in Asheville again!

    That logo at White Duck Taco Shop!! I love their tacos but their logo is what made me realize I can’t eat duck anymore (on account of my pet ducks and the fact that Littlefoot looks just like the logo. :'(!).

    I always always bring all my groceries up in one trip, hahaha. + I would most definitely follow that logic if I had a dog too. (As it stands, that’s the case with my cat. 😛 )

    1. Farrah, I haven’t listened to Weezer in a while and that cover is actually old but it just popped up on my facebook or something this week and then I saw Toto’s cover of Hash Pipe and I had to share!

      Yes, please come to Asheville and drink coffee with me at Liberty House. And I love that White Duck has jackfruit now! I completely understand what you mean about not being able to eat duck because of the cute logo. That’s how I feel about eating animals in general!

      And, yeah, our cat sleeps on our bed too but she doesn’t go outside so kind of the same, but not really. haha

  2. It took me most of my life to realize what you posted about boring weekends! I love to have them at least twice a month. Abby is ridiculous!

  3. Thank you Rebecca!! I love the carrying grocery comic (so me and my husband!) and the 90% being married is yelling from the other room!! I remember my great grandparents having to yell at each other when they were in the same room (because grandpa couldn’t hear)! We could hear them for quite a ways as we were walking up to visit them! They were so fun! Hope you have a great week!

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