Some Things I Really Loved This Week (#6)

Hey! Happy Friday!

I realize that my last two posts were super heavy, which is why I’m really enjoying ending my week with these lighter, happier posts. This is my sixth Some Things I’ve Really Loved This Week post so I think I can officially call it a series. I have a habit of declaring something a series or a tradition after only doing it once so I’m proud of myself for waiting this long.

It’s really great to reflect on my week and share some things that positively affected and inspired me with hopes that maybe they’ll inspire you, too! Feel free to share some things that YOU really loved this week in the comments!

Great Things I Listened To

I’ve been a Grace Helbig fan for a while. I especially love her podcast Not Too Deep. So I was super excited to listen to her most recent episode with Brad Jenkins, which focused on his time spent working under the Obama administration (including how he orchestrated Obama’s appearance on Between Two Ferns) and why it’s so important for young people to vote in the midterm elections! Election Day is November 6. Please go out and vote.

Experiences That Made Me Happy

Some Things I Really Loved This Week #6-

Since my doctor’s appointment on Monday, I’ve found comfort in drinking tea. Lots and lots of tea. If you live in Asheville or any of the six other cities where they have shops, you know that Dobra Tea is the absolute best place to go when you’re in the mood for any type of tea imaginable. They source all of their tea directly from the farmers and give you a literal book of options when you walk through the door. I’ve been three times in the last week and though I order the same masala tea every time, I always feel so happy and comforted while I’m there.

Some Things I Really Loved This Week #6- Two of my visits were to the West Asheville location where they have a full vegetarian and gluten-free food menu. On Tuesday, I met my friend Sam of Fox & Fir Design and I ordered a vegan s’mores bar alongside my tea. I haven’t had a s’mores in years because marshmallows aren’t vegetarian but Dobra uses vegan ones so I was so excited and it did not disappoint! Seriously if you go to Dobra just for the s’mores bar, you’ll be a happy camper (see what I did there heh heh).

Then yesterday I met up with another friend named Samm and ordered a delicious salad comprised of organic spring greens, red beets, sliced gala apples, raw buttermilk blue cheese, maple walnuts and tossed with a basil balsamic vinaigrette. Samm reached out to me on Instagram last week and asked to meet up. I’m so glad she did because we had a great time.

Some Things I Really Loved This Week #6-

The downtown Dobra location carries all of the same teas but a limited food menu of vegan, gluten-free pastries. I stopped there on Monday to get–you guessed it–a masala tea with milk and honey to go.

Some Things I Really Loved This Week #6-

On Tuesday night, Jeff and I accompanied our friends Amanda and Steffen to a Do-Good Date Night hosted by Asheville Date Night Guide. We started the night by volunteering at Manna FoodBank, where we were tasked with filling plastic bags with bulk pasta. It sounds pretty mundane but it was surprisingly fun to do with a group and made us feel pretty great about giving back to our community.

After our volunteer shift was up, we relocated to Highland Brewing, where we enjoyed a coffee porter and tacos prepared by Chef Ricardo of Polanco restaurant. The tickets were $20 each and included the beer and meal at Highland. It was a great experience and I highly recommend it to any couple in the Asheville area that wants to have a fun date night and also give back to the community. Make sure to follow Asheville Date Night on Instagram or Facebook so you can sign up for the next one!

Inspiring Things I Saw or Read

Some Things I Really Loved This Week #6- www.roseyrebecca.comI started following Alec With Pen on Instagram a few months ago because of his hilarious and super relatable comics. I became an even bigger fan when he took the time to respond to my messages even though he has 192k followers and probably gets tons of messages a day. I became an EVEN BIGGER BIGGER fan when I noticed his posts about mental health.

Alec isn’t ashamed to post selfies from his therapist’s bathroom or talk about his struggles with depression. He created this hat to help people feel less alone and embarrassed of their mental illness and to show that nothing is wrong with going to therapy, in fact, it actually makes you hotter! The hat says it so it must be true!  I think he’s awesome! And I think you should buy this hat! I know I want one!

Some Things I Really Loved This Week #6-

I absolutely love this sticker by my friend Travis Clement. It’s such a great message and is just what I need to hear right now. You can buy it on Travis’ Etsy Shop or if you’re local to Asheville you can find it at L.O.F.T. and MTN Merch. I love everything Travis creates so definitely check him out!

Some Things I Really Loved This Week #6-

Posted on the Calm Instagram page. I’m learning a lot about this in therapy. It’s not necessarily about stopping your automatic thoughts and feelings, it’s about what to do with them.  Thanks, Mr. Rogers!

Things That Made Me Laugh

Some Things I Really Loved This Week #6- www.roseyrebecca.comThis incredibly accurate comic by Kayden Hines.
Some Things I Really Loved This Week #6-
I’ve mentioned them before but I’m so in love with Zeichen Press. They make me laugh every time!

And that’s all I have for today!

As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. I love those Tea places, and that date night thing is so cool. Also that sticker works for so many different people and situations 🙂

  2. hahaha, garlic is life, so I can absolutely relate to that comic!! 😛 You can never have enough! :D!

    I love that sticker too! Definitely a good reminder!

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