Effin’ Birds Giveaway (CLOSED)

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! I’ll announce the winners Friday, November 16. BUT DON’T WORRY IF YOU DIDN’T WIN- use discount code ROSEYREBECCA at checkout to receive 10% off your entire Effin’ Birds order from now until December 31, 2018.

And be sure to check back for more fun giveaways on Rosey Rebecca in the future! Thanks for entering!

Hi! Hi! Hi!

I’M SO EXCITED! I know I’ve mentioned Effin’ Birds on my blog at least once before but I don’t think I’ve ever really talked about how much I love them!  My brother-in-law, Tom, sent me their website earlier this year and I was immediately obsessed.Effin' Birds Giveaway-www.roseyrebecca.com

If you know me, you know that my sense of humor is incredibly silly, which is why Effin’ Birds is perfect for me. Their products feature pictures of birds alongside ridiculous, unnecessarily vulgar phrases.  There’s absolutely NO POINT to it and that’s why I think it’s amazing and hilarious.

Effin' Birds Giveaway-www.roseyrebecca.comI shouldn’t say there’s no point because Effin’ Birds has a particular set of products called The Audubon Collection, and for every product sold from that collection, they donate $5 to the John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove in Pennsylvania, which focusses on conservation and restoration of wildlife habitats, specifically focussing on the needs of birds.

Effin' Birds Giveaway-www.roseyrebecca.com

When I reached out to Effin’ Birds last month to see if they’d be interested in having me host a giveaway, they not only said yes, but generously agreed to let me choose THREE WINNERS.

Effin' Birds Giveaway-www.roseyrebecca.com

One winner will receive an Effin’ Birds Mug.

Effin' Birds Giveaway-www.roseyrebecca.com

Another winner will receive an Effin’ Birds Hoodie or Sweater.

Effin' Birds Giveaway-www.roseyrebecca.com

And the third winner will recieve an Effin’ Birds T-Shirt.

Effin' Birds Giveaway-www.roseyrebecca.com

Winners will get to choose which design they want on their respective prize.  Effin' Birds Giveaway-www.roseyrebecca.com




  1. One Winner will receive an Effin’ Birds Mug
  2. One Winner will receive an Effin’ Birds T-Shirt
  3. One Winner will receive an Effin’ Birds Hoodie/Sweater

Head to the Effin’ Birds website and take a look around. Then let me know your favorite design in the comment section of this post. That’s it! BAM. ENTERED.



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  1. You have until 11:59 P.M. EST on Thursday, November 15 to enter.
  2. I will select and announce the winners on Friday, November 16 via the Random Integer Generator. The winners will have until midnight on Sunday, November 18 to contact me and claim their prize. If the winner does not reply by then, I will choose a new winner on Monday, November 19.

Good Luck!

Disclaimer: Effin’ Birds did not compensate me in any way to run this giveaway. As always, the opinions expressed on Rosey Rebecca are my own.

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  1. I’m also a big fan of the “I don’t get paid enough for this shit” design, because that’s how I feel at my job every day!

  2. Oh gosh, where do I start?? I love “Being an adult is shit” because I am hardcore feeling that right now. The “shitmas miracle” made me snort, but the trainwreck one is calling my name today. Of course, if I get another mug, I think my partner might kill me lol

  3. There’s an older one that says “Fuck this shitshow” and it’s incredible (commenting again because I followed you just now–have been following effinbirds for a while!!)

  4. I found Effin’ birds on twitter and it my one of my favorite pages. I love”if you can read this you should fuck off”. It matches my personality so well

  5. One of the great joys in life is Effinbirds! My husband and I share them with each other daily! I hope they never stop creating these profane little cuties! My favorite of all time is “Take that shit down a notch”! I use it all the time!!
    All the best,
    Jane Scheibe

  6. The “I’m a Goddamn delight” mug is SO funny! It’s be the perfect gift for my friend for Christmas!! Would love to win.!

  7. The Delight Mug would also make a great accessory for home because sometimes my friend don’t understand how much of a delight I am.

  8. “Stop bothering the adults” is definitely my fave. Classic & so true (depending on the situation). Thanks for this chance to win & good luck everyone!

  9. So hard to choose between Goddamned Delight and Fucking Magnificent Or infact the whole Goddamned Effie collection is beyond fabulous!

  10. Just one favourite? Yikes 😀
    I’d have to go with “I am a goddamned delight”, followed closely by “Fuck you, I’m hilarious”.

  11. I love effin Birds! Been following them for a while now
    on Twitter of course
    So hard to nail down one favorite, but I do love ” Fuck off until I get coffee”

  12. I love effin Birds! Been following them on Twitter for a while now.
    So hard to nail down one favorite, but I do love ” Fuck off until I get coffee”

  13. I love them, hard to choose a favorite, on of them it’s Train Wreck Hooded Sweatshirtnd the Season Hooded Sweatshir.
    I can see some Christmas gift coming out of here

  14. Oh my gosh! What an amazing giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity!
    My current fav design is “That’s some gandalf level wizard shit right there”… because I can use it at work without pissing out everybody around (if I could, I’ll be way more direct and expressive lol!)

  15. So hard to choose, but the mugs are the best! Can’t have enough mugs. Especially when your dishwasher is broken. My fave is the Magnificent mug.

  16. Started following Rosey_Rebecca and Effin’ Birds on Instagram. And I have to say that I completely identify with “Being Adult is Shit” I often say ‘adulting is hard’, I like yours better!

  17. Just started following @RoseyRebecca on Twitter and just want y’all down south there in NC that winter has decided to set on early here in Minnesota and as the EffinBirds would say it’s already “Too Motherfucking Cold’ !!

  18. It’s very hard to pick one favorite. I’m buying gifts for my family and one of the best ever imo is “I am a goddamned delight.” This is made for my daughter-in-law!

  19. Oops, typo in my first entry! My other favorite mug for work is the coat of arms or “who is in charge of this shit show”.

  20. I love the “Scream into the void, motherfucker.” mug because that paired with a cute indifferent looking little sandpiper cracks me up.

  21. How can a person even pick one favorite?! I love them all and have for a long time. But “feminism is for everyone, dipshit” takes the cake. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  22. I love the NOPE and UGH designs, but I also kinda really want something with the “futuendi gratia” coat of arms.

    Oooh, or the one that goes “fuck this early bird business”.

    If I won a mug though, I’d probably pick the one with “I bet this problem will go away if we have more fucking meetings” and give it to my friend who works in an office.

  23. Hmm, so many choices,some of my faves include the “ugh”, “nope”, “Feminism is for everyone, dipshit”.

    Oh, and “Fuck off until I get coffee” lol! (and now, back to coffee)

  24. So many adorable designs. I don’t have a favorite overall design but I have a fav per type. Like for the sweatshirt I love the black “I am a goddamned delight”, for the T-shirt the “F-off until I get coffee” is perfect since I always wear T-shirts for bed, for a coffee mug you have to go with the “F this early morning business” since I use a mug only in the morning.

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