My 2018 Holiday Wish List

OH HEY! Happy Wednesday! Happy less than two weeks until Christmas! WHAT? How did that happen? I need to go shopping,

There was a time, about 300 years ago, when I would write my Christmas wish list in July. I distinctly remember receiving the Toys R Us catalog when I was little, circling every single toy, and handing it over to my parents like “yes, I’ll take twelve of each, please, thank you.”

I’ve grown up (slightly) since then but with Christmas right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to post a holiday wish list on my blog!  If I were handing a list over to my mom this year, as a 31-year-old woman, here’s what would be on it:

My Holiday Wish List-

This Sun Valley Down Parka in Navy from Eddie Bauer because I’ve always wanted a jacket that feels like a comforter and covers my butt.

My Holiday Wish List-

This Candle for Grammar Police from Whiskey River Soap Co. because it was obviously made for me.

My Holiday Wish List-

This awesome blue travel mug from High Five Coffee because LOOK AT IT! Plus a gift card because what the hell am I going to put in my High Five travel mug without one?

My Holiday Wish List-

A gift card and all of these cute hats and scarves from my favorite Asheville clothing store Minx Boutique.

My Holiday Wish List-
Photo by Nicole McConville

These Shower Mists from C & Co because they’re amazing and make me feel like staying in my shower all day long when I use them.

My Holiday Wish List-

A gift card to Hole Doughnuts so I can eat ALL of these Chocolate Sorghum Bourbon doughnuts and perhaps share some with you, too.

My Holiday Wish List-

New comfy bedding from Parachute Home. Jeff and I have Parachute sheets and they are the coziest, softest sheets in the world. We’d really love a new duvet and duvet cover from them so I can fulfill my laziest dream of living in bed all day with our cat Aslan.

My Holiday Wish List-

These of June Sunbeam Earrings in Dusty Rose because my friend Amanda has a pair and I’m super jealous and want a pair, too.

My Holiday Wish List-

A Tea CSA Subscription from Asheville Tea Company because who wouldn’t want a cup of tea?

My Holiday Wish List-

This Great Job Mug by Emily McDowell because it’s true and I definitely need more mugs.

(Note: I definitely DON’T need more mugs because I have 1,000 and Jeff will likely kill you if you buy this for me but buy it anyway because I love it and you’re a good friend. K thanks.)

(Another Note: I just realized this mug is out of stock which means that if you order it for me  AFTER the holidays, I can just sneak it on the shelf and Jeff will never know I put it there.)

(And another note: You can also buy me this mug or this one or really anything from Emily McDowell’s website because it’s all so fun and relatable and amazing.)

OK. I’m done. What’s on YOUR holiday wish list!? Let me know in the comments!

As always, THANK YOU for reading!

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  1. THAT CANDLE!! I love it. I also want some of that weird non-coffee not matcha coffee I had at high five I can’t remember the style to put in a green travel mug. Thanks byeeeeee

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