Some Things I Really Loved This Week (#11)

HELLO! Happy Friday!

Welcome to the 11th edition of Some Things I Really Loved This Week, a post where I highlight things that I experienced over the past week that made me happy, inspired me or made me laugh with the hope that maybe they’ll make you happy, inspire you or make you laugh, too!  Feel free to tell me about some things that YOU really loved this week in the comments!

Experiences That Made Me Happy

Some Things I Really Loved This Week (#11)
Seasonal Cast Iron Dip at Haywood Common: Swiss, Apple & Spinach served with a grilled baguette

Lunch and InstaMeet #7 planning at Haywood Common with Holly on Tuesday. After I posted photos of our sixth InstaMeet last month, Haywood Common reached out and offered to host our seventh one! Holly and I are ecstatic! We love Haywood Common and this is the first time since we started hosting these meet-ups in February that a local business has reached out to US to host. We usually hold them at our fav coffee shop, Odd’s Cafe, and that has been awesome but it’s good to change it up now and then and a great sign of how much our meet-ups have grown. I can’t wait!

Some Things I Really Loved This Week (#11) Being snowed in over the weekend. I don’t know how you feel about it but I LOVE snow. Asheville got hit with its first real snowstorm of the season this past weekend and it dumped about a foot of snow in our neighborhood.  I heard that other parts of Asheville didn’t get quite as much so I feel lucky. We celebrated Sunday with huge stacks of pancakes and lots of hot coffee. There’s something so relaxing about being snowed in and knowing that you don’t have to go anywhere or see anyone. I’m so grateful that we never lost power and for our warm, cozy home.

Inspiring Things I Saw or Read

Some Things I Really Loved This Week (#11) This great reminder from Waylon Lewis.

Some Things I Really Loved This Week (#11)

And this one from Elephant Journal.

Things That Made Me Laugh


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Click the arrows to see the whole comic. This made me laugh so hard!


As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. That last reddit thing made me laugh out loud haha Almost I tried to double tap and like that first photo of the dip you posted!! Yum!!

  2. Holy eff that dip looks amazing. I want!! *-*

    I wish I could come to those InstaMeets! They look like so much fun! I don’t know any central NJ bloggers. :[ If only!!

    1. Ah! I’m sure there are some bloggers/IGers in your area that you can connect with! Try searching your location on IG! I’ve made a lot of my best friends through blogging and IG! I wish you could come to a meet up, too!

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