Our Fall Wedding at Yesterday Spaces

Holy moly do I have a post for you! (Does anyone say holy moly anymore?)

My Beautiful Bouquet included a photo frame charm with a picture of my father and me, so that he could 'walk' me down the aisle.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, and by a while, I mean since I got married in October 2016. So when I asked on Instagram whether you guys would be interested in a blog post about my wedding, and the answer was a resounding YES, I finally felt motivated to sit down and write this post.

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 01 Favorites 0025 jpg

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 01 Favorites 0051 jpg

That is, until I started going through my photos and thought, “oh, this is a good one to share!” and “oh, yeah, I definitely have to share this one” and “oh, oh, oh this one too!” Until I had about 70 photos saved on my desktop and was like, “wait, I can’t share all these photos. Too much, Rebecca, TOO MUCH.”  And then I thought, “well, maybe 70 photos isn’t TOO many.” And then I was like, “no, no, no, no, NO, that blog post will be wayyyyy too long.”  RIGHT?

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 01 Favorites 0059 jpg

I feel like I should back up a bit for some of my newer readers and maybe for some of you that have been reading my blog since 2009, but are like, “I don’t remember this shiz, Rebecca.” I feel like I should back up a bit because what is a wedding recap post without the story of the people who were married in said wedding recap post? Right? Right.

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 07 Bride and Groom Portraits 0091 jpg

Jeff and I met on my first day of college in 2005. Technically, we met on MySpace. Yes, MySpace. In fact, ‘MySpace’ is how I answer most questions about the length of our relationship.

“How long have you guys been together?” “MySpace.”

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 04 Ceremony 0233 jpg

If you want to read the whole crazy story of how Jeff and I met, head on over to this post I wrote on our five year dating anniversary because if I try to include it in this post (with the 500 photos I want to share with you), you’ll surely be here forever.

Jeff asked me to marry him on October 11, 2015. We had just moved to Asheville and it was the first sunny day after three straight weeks of rain. He proposed at sunset on top of Mount Mitchell while we were literally sitting in a cloud. It was absolutely perfect.

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 01 Favorites 0021 jpg

Planning our wedding was a full-time job, but was definitely made 100 times easier by all of our wonderful vendors. It wasn’t until we started looking for a venue that we realized that Asheville is a destination wedding location and although we lived in Asheville, all of our guests did not. We also learned pretty quickly that almost every couple in the world wants to get married in the fall, so in order to lock in our date, find our venue and book our vendors, we had to move fast.

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 01 Favorites 0027 jpg

We set our date for October 9, 2016, and there were definitely moments during that year of planning that I thought I was losing my mind. Almost our entire wedding party lived in New York, which meant I was traveling back and forth from Asheville every two months. Dress shopping, my bridal shower, my bachelorette party, assembling center pieces, tons of planning: all took place in New York.

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 01 Favorites 0050 jpg

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 03 Florals and Details 0064 jpg

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 03 Florals and Details 0068 jpg

But it was all worth it in the end.  Everything turned out beautifully and there is absolutely nothing about our wedding day that I would change.

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 03 Florals and Details 0033 jpg

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 01 Favorites 0068 jpg

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 01 Favorites 0071 jpg

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 04 Ceremony 0038 jpg

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 01 Favorites 0080 jpg

I could truly write an entire book about our wedding, all the decisions, all the details and all the people who were involved in our beautiful day. I realize that this post is already so long and I applaud you if you’ve made it this far. This wouldn’t be my blog if we didn’t talk about food though, right? So bear with me while I subject you to a few more photos.

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 01 Favorites 0043 jpg

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 03 Florals and Details 0049 jpg

Since Jeff and I had been together for so long before we got engaged, you can probably imagine how big my Pinterest wedding board was by the time he popped the question. The possibilities were endless but throughout all of the wedding planning I did in my mind, one idea stuck with me and luckily, Jeff was on board: a brunch reception. If you know me, you probably already know that once I get something in my head that I want to do, there’s no turning back. So when I said I wanted a brunch reception, it meant I wanted a BRUNCH reception. I wanted an omelet station, a macaroni and cheese bar, a pastry table. I wanted mimosas, I wanted bloody marys, I wanted it all. Thankfully, our wonderful caterer came through and our spread was more than I could ever have hoped for.

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 08 Reception 0119 jpg

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 08 Reception 0112 jpg

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 08 Reception 0120 jpg

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 03 Florals and Details 0172 jpg

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 03 Florals and Details 0171 jpg

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 08 Reception 0130 jpg

And then of course, we had a cake and pie buffet. I mean, who do you think you’re talking to here?

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 03 Florals and Details 0166 jpg

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 03 Florals and Details 0039 jpg

If you’ve gotten this far, congratulations and thank you for reading! To avoid making this post three years long, I left out a lot of details and pictures of family and friends. If you’re obsessed with wedding photos like I am and would like to see and learn more about the little details of our day, let me know and I will write a part two. You’re always free to email me too if you have specific questions. (Note, if you haven’t already, hover your mouse over each photo for more details)

Our day would not have been what it was without all of our wonderful vendors, and though I’m over a year late, I’d like to acknowledge and thank all of them here:

Venue: Yesterday Spaces

Caterer: Saffron Fine Foods (AKA HomeGrown)

Bar/Wedding Planning Services: Cordial & Craft

Cake/Pie: Short Street Cakes

Flowers: Brown’s Floral Design

Photographer: Carrie Turner Photography

Hair/Makeup: Adorn Salon

Wedding Rings: Zest Jewelry

Wedding Favors: Copper Pot & Wooden Spoon

Invite Printer: Blue Ridge Printing

Rebecca and Jeff s wedding 08 Reception 0066 jpg

Have a wonderful day! <3

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My Weekend in iPhone Photos

Oh Hey! Happy May!


I was away from the blog a bit last week because:

  1. I realized that the wedding is nearly five months away and there were a few things on our to-do list that I’d been neglecting, such as registering, finding a florist and deciding on an invite design. Happy to say we got a lot accomplished and I successfully registered for 900 KitchenAid mixers because I couldn’t decide what color I wanted.
  2. I needed to hate-watch the entire fifth season of Girls in two nights. Does anyone else love and hate this show at the same time?

Anyway, I owe you guys some GIVEAWAY WINNERS so let’s get on that, shall we?

The winner of a sample pack of Smiling Hara Tempeh and Hempeh is Annamarie V.

The two runners-up, who will each receive coupons to use in the Smiling Hara store and stickers, are Laura and Allison.

Congratulations, ladies! Please shoot me an email at rebecca@roseyrebecca.com with your contact info.  You have until midnight tomorrow (May 3) to get in touch with me.  If I don’t hear from you, I will pick another winner on Wednesday, May 4.

Filo Latte

So I don’t know about you guys, but I had a pretty awesome weekend.  It started on Friday (yes, weekends start on Friday) with a coffee date at Filo with Gary of AskAsheville and Jenny and Bryan of HeartisTree Studios.

Actually, let’s back up, my weekend actually started with dress shopping, because duh.

Dress Shopping at Minx Boutique

I posted this pic on Instagram and Facebook over the weekend, but for those of who haven’t seen it, tada! In my quest to find a dress to wear to my bridal shower in July I wandered into Minx Boutique on Lexington Ave in downtown Asheville.  The ladies working there were incredibly helpful and I could have kissed the one who suggested this dress for me.  I don’t know that I’ll wear it to my shower, but I can definitely see wearing it all summer long! So cute!

After trying on 5 million dresses, I was definitely ready for an iced latte, so I headed over to Filo.  Jenny and I were intrigued by the vegan and vegetarian options so we ordered spanakopita and a hummus plate to snack on.

Filo Hummus Plate

Yum! I could have eaten five more spanakopita. I also bought a huge chocolate walnut brownie to share with Jeff later that night.

We hung out at for a bit and then it was off to Whole Foods to stand in their refrigerated beer section for 10 minutes because it was hot out and I like beer.

Whole Foods Beer Fridge

Don’t judge.

Avocados were on a 5 for $5 sale and I bought all of them.

I also contemplated setting my throat on fire with this Scorpion Cheddar Cheese

Scorpion Cheddar

Skin and eye irritation, y’all.

Scorpion Cheddar

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Then it was home to make burritos with slow cooker refried beans and tons of guac. A perfect Friday night dinner if you ask me.

On Saturday, I had Indian for breakfast.  I slept until noon. I haven’t done that in YEARS. Too much dress shopping and scorpion cheddar, I guess.  Five minutes after I woke up, Jeff called me and asked me to meet him and our friend Susan at Mela for lunch.  So off I went and it was delicious.

We went to three outdoor stores on Saturday.  THREE. Then two on Sunday. That’s FIVE in one weekend. Jeff was looking for some very specific camping gear and finally found it at REI on Sunday.

Before that, we took a beautiful drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Funnel Top Overlook on Blue Ridge Parkway

And ended up in Waynesville, NC.

Waynesville, NC

Where we ate lunch and then chilled with a random cat at Panacea Coffee Company.

Panacea Coffee Roasters

Our beautiful weekend ended with homemade pizza and Game of Thrones. What more could you ask for?


The end.

Have a wonderful Monday! <3

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