If He Were Here…

Today is my father’s birthday. He would have been 63.

If he were still here, he would have accompanied my family and me this past weekend to one of his favorite Italian restaurants for dinner.

He would have loved the jazz show we attended Saturday night.

He would have played with his niece and nephew at breakfast on Saturday morning.

If my father were still here, he would be eating pizza tonight, like I plan to do.

He would tell me that his birthday is the best day of the year. I would argue, ‘no, mine is!’

He would be excited for the warm, spring weather ahead and cursing the harsh, New York cold.

He would be mapping out his summer vacation already.

If my father were here, he would be looking forward to a birthday dinner with my mother at Peter Lugar this weekend.

He would relish the whole day, the same way he taught my brothers and me to do, because, really, there is no better day than your birthday. That’s what he taught me anyway.

If my father were here today, he would be happy to just be. Because, above all else, he loved life, my mom, my brothers and me, and pizza. Can’t forget about the pizza! It was his favorite food group. Yes, it’s a food group. If he were here, he would agree with that.

I miss him more than words can say.

Mom & Papa

In loving memory of my father
March 5, 1950 to October 28, 2011

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Birthdays, Blueberries, and Blenders

Look what I got in the mail yesterday:


A birthday present from LUNA!! I have yet to try it but chocolate dipped coconut sounds delicious. I’m sure I’m going to love it. Thanks, LUNA!

I don’t know if I’m more excited about the free LUNA bar or the Happy Birthday card. As I’ve already mentioned, I get a little excited about my birthday.

My family has always made a huge deal over birthdays. My mom calls February through April the “birthday season.” It starts with my brother, David’s, birthday in February and ends with my mom’s in April. My friends always think it’s a little strange that I start planning parties in February when my birthday isn’t until the end of March. 🙂

Do you make a big deal over your birthday?

Before work yesterday, I broke open a box of Van’s Blueberry Waffles for breakfast.

Van's Waffles

I topped two with peanut butter and bananas:

PB & Banana waffles

I usually like PB on waffles, but it just didn’t mix with the blueberry this time. Next time, I’ll stick with syrup!

What I love about Van’s Waffles is the ingredient list:

Van's Waffles

I recognize and can pronounce every single word on the list. Van’s Waffles are a little pricey—I paid $3.19 for a box of six, and I thing Eggo waffles are $2.99 for a box of 10—but, I feel better about eating them, and that’s what matters. Of course, I’d probably feel a zillion times better if I actually used the waffle iron Jeff gave me last year for my birthday.

Speaking of gifts from Jeff, I still haven’t opened the immersion blender he gave me for Christmas. I’m kind of scared of it!


I really want to make potato soup with it this week or next, and would love some some suggestions for  healthy vegetarian recipes! Feel free to suggest other immersion blender recipes, too!

I’m off to run some errands!

Have a great Thursday! <3

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