Something Serious

Something serious is going on in my life right now. I’m not talking about the breakup, and I’m not talking about this.

It’s something else. Something that happened yesterday that I don’t feel comfortable discussing yet (or ever).The next few days are going to be tough for me, and although I don’t plan to reveal what’s going on, I’d like to use my blog as an outlet. Writing comforts me, and makes me happy, and that’s what I need right now.

I also have a doctor’s appointment today. Unlike the serious thing I mentioned above, my appointment does concern this. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little scared. OK- I’m A LOT scared. I was supposed to go to a follow-up ultrasound in January, but I didn’t. I went to another doctor in April, and was supposed to get in touch with a breast surgeon, but I didn’t.

Why not? Well, it’s simple. I just didn’t.

I had other things going on in my life that were more important than taking care of myself. That sounds completely ridiculous now that I think about it. I procrastinated because of things going on in my life, but also because I’ve been scared to go through it all again. Now, almost a year later, I’m finally putting myself first and getting it taken care of. Hopefully this time for good. Either way, I’ll keep you updated.

Because the past couple posts have been wayyyy too serious, and not about food at all, I want to show you a few delicious pictures, starting with this:

Half birthday ice cream

This was the half-birthday ice cream my parents bought me a few days ago. You heard right: half-birthday. My family is crazy, and celebrates that kind of stuff. Six months ago today, I turned 24. Now I’m 24.5! Hooray!!!

Grilled Corn

Grilled corn, anyone?  Yes, please.

Whole wheat spaghetti

Whole wheat spaghetti and wine.  Best. Dinner. Ever.

Soy Latte

I’ve been really into going out for coffee with my friends lately. Last weekend it was with Mareesa.

Caramel Soy Latte

And yesterday it was with my friend, Cathy, who I haven’t seen in YEARS. It was good to catch up with. She used to live right next to me, and we were best friends in middle school. 🙂

Now, on a completely unrelated note, here is a goofy self-portrait:


Don’t I look a half year older? I’m so lame!

I’m off to my appointment. Wish me luck!

Have a great Wednesday! <3

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So, This is Kind of Awkward…

Hi, everyone.

And by hi, I mean, I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a month

Instead of giving you some crappy excuse as to why I neglected my blog, I’m going to tell it to you straight. The plain and simple reason I haven’t posted since April 7th is because:

Life. Got. In. The. Way.

That’s it. Nothing extraordinary happened. I know a lot of you have commented, tweeted, and emailed asking if everything was OK. I’m truly sorry that I didn’t answer you.

The fact is, the longer my unannounced blogging break went on, the more anxious I became about posting an explanation. I thought, I really should update everyone. And, by everyone, I mean my awesome readers, friends, and family, who have faithfully read every single one of my posts for the past two years or so (yes, my two-year blogiversary is this month).

Two months ago, I wrote a post called March Confessions, where I talked about the major life transition I was about to experience. I wrote:

I am still not ready to talk about the reasons behind all this. Mainly because it’s not my story to tell. I promise that when I feel it’s appropriate and the time is right, I will share what happened with you. I’m used to sharing a lot on this blog, and that’s why I’ve needed this blogging break. If I went about posting like nothing happened, I’d feel like I was hiding my life from you, and I don’t want to do that. I want to be real, and honest in my posts. I hope you understand and respect that.

I am still not ready to talk about what happened. Which is why I can’t really fully explain my unannounced blogging break to you.

Getting up the courage to write this post was hard for me. I still don’t know what kind of response I’m going to receive. My hope is that in writing this post, I have overcome a mental road block, and that I will be able to begin blogging again regularly.

What I can fill you in on is what I have been doing the past month while not blogging. Because I can’t possibly talk about every single thing I’ve done since April 7th in one post, I’m just going to concentrate on the highlights.

  • I am finally settled into the apartment at my parents’ house. Although I have a separate kitchen, bathroom, and living room, I still feel like I’m living with my parents. As you can probably imagine, this transition has been difficult for me after living on my own for two years. I keep telling myself that this is short-term, and that I’ll be living in my own place again soon. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying living rent-free, and spending as much time with family as possible.
  • I got a pretty awesome part-time job. My hours are great. I  work 10 to 3 most days, and sometimes 9 to 2. As always, I will never reveal where I work on this blog until I’m not working there anymore.
  • I joined a gym, and have been working out regularly. This past Saturday, I attended Self Magazine’s Workout in the Park in Central Park with a few friends. It was tons of fun, even though I could barely walk up and down the stairs yesterday morning because my legs were so sore. Love that! 
  • I finally went to the doctor to get my breast checked out again at the end of April. I walked away with a number for a breast surgeon, who I plan to make an appointment with very soon.
  • On a semi-related note, after looking at my breast, and checking out all of my other girly parts, that same male doctor told me that he could tell I work out, and that I have good abs. Inappropriate? I think so. I won’t be seeing him again.

And on a lighter note:

  • I have an exterminator coming to my apartment today, because these huge alien-like bugs have decided they want to live with me, and that just won’t do.
  • My almost-two-year-old nephew calls me BACCA now.
  • I am obsessed with Fage 0% yogurt.
  • I miss Uncommon Grounds like crazy.
  • Trader Joe’s Valencia Peanut Butter with Roasted Flax Seeds rocks my socks off

The end!

I’d like to thank Jeff for pushing me to post again. If you’re happy I’m back, you can thank him, too! 🙂

Have a great Monday! <3

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