Harney & Sons Tea Review

A couple weeks ago, I wrote to  Harney & Sons Fine Teas raving about the Green Tea with Coconut, Ginger, and Vanilla sold at Barnes & Noble cafes. I get it whenever I don’t want coffee and it is absolutely amazing. The people at Harney & Sons were kind enough to send me some samples of other teas to try out.

Of course, I broke into the Coconut, Ginger, & Vanilla Green Tea right away.

“Green Tea with a Thai Twist”

The first thing you smell upon opening the container is coconut and vanilla, followed by hints of ginger and lemongrass. Smelling it right now is making me want a cup. I love this tea because although it packs a lot of flavor, it’s not overwhelming.  I don’t add sweetener to my tea and this one doesn’t need it. The smell and taste remind me of summer. Thinking of warm weather on a cold, winter day makes me really happy.  When I order this tea at B&N, I just refer to it as the coconut green tea because it’s the first flavor that hits me, followed by lemon and vanilla. I’m sure this tea would be fabulous iced. I can’t drink a cup at night because the smells and flavors wake me up. This is definitely my favorite morning or mid-afternoon tea.

I tried the Organic Green Tea with Citrus & Ginkgo next. I was hesitant to try this tea because I don’t usually like citrusy teas and I wasn’t sure what ginkgo was. After doing a little research, I found that it helps with memory and concentration. That’s fine with me! 🙂 Like the other green tea, the flavors were definitely present but not overwhelming. The tea smells like lemon and oranges and tastes like that too. I never would have thought to buy a box of this tea in the store but now I’ve tried it, I might reconsider. I could drink this tea any time of the day.It reminds me of being outside on a bright, sunny day but it also has a calming effect. This is the kind of tea I’d drinking while sitting on my balcony on a warm night, reading a book.

The Hot Cinnamon Spice tea was the only one out of the three I tried that reminded me of cold weather. The smell of cinnamon filled the air when I opened it. The smell of clove was also really strong. This was my second favorite after the coconut green tea. It reminded me of those red hot candies. The flavor was sweet and spicy but again, not overwhelming. For some reason, I can only picture myself drinking this type of tea in the late afternoon or night before bed. I can’t imagine drinking this in warm weather. The taste and smell were familiar and comforting. It made me think of cuddling up on my couch with a blanket during a snow storm. In fact, I think I drank it during a snow storm. 🙂

Harney & Sons definitely has a new, loyal customer. The company was not able to offer an exclusive discount for my readers but check out this link to sign up for promotional e-mails which keep you up to date on free shipping days and special sales. They won’t bombard your inbox with newsletters, I promise.  You can purchase their teas at Barnes & Noble cafes and on their Web site.  So check it out! You won’t be disappointed. Thanks again to Harney & Sons for sending me the samples!  I’m off to drink some tea! 🙂

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Super Quick Lunch Post!

Hey Guys! I had the privilege going home for lunch today so I figured I’d sneak in a quick post so I don’t have to do one big, long one tonight! Today is my last day of work at my office job until August so I am psyched!

This morning I had an AMAZING bowl of Kashi Vanilla Hot Cereal for breakfast


I added 1/2 a banana, a big spoonful of organic peanut butter, sliced almond, and cinnamon to the top and heated it all up in the microwave! Oh my gosh! This was so good! It was beyond good, it was FANTASTIC!!

This bowl and a medium coconut iced coffee with skim milk and splenda from Dunkin Donuts kept me full until 11:30!!


I decided to try the Dunkin Donuts coconut flavor for a change. It kind of tasted like I was drinking pineapple coffee at first. I don’t know why. Eventually the coconut flavor came through. It’s definitely not my favorite. I’ll stick to blueberry and vanilla, thanks.

My tummy started rumbling at around 12:00, so I had some Oikos


I crumbled some of the Honest Foods Granola Plank on top and called it a snack


I didn’t get hungry for lunch until 2:00, so my boss sent me off on some deliveries and home to heat up my Fake Pizza from last night



This was better than last night because I sprinkled some crushed red pepper and a tiny bit of garlic powder on top. I was definitely grateful that I was able to heat this up in the oven and not the office microwave. I’m still not digging all the cheese. I think I’m going to order my pizza cheese-less from now on. I was peeling it off while eating and that just wasn’t fun!

I had a bit of dark chocolate for dessert


Now I’m heading back to the office in the rain. I’m hitting the gym after work.

What is your favorite work day lunch?

Hope you all have a great day!!

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