Here’s a Little Secret…

Right now, my apartment looks like this:

Apartment Apartment

Here’s a little secret: I don’t know how to pack. I’ve sort of just been throwing things in boxes and hoping for the best. We just picked up the moving truck about an hour ago, and we are leaving Albany tomorrow. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t sad. Packing up my apartment has been a very emotional and overwhelming experience for me.

Instead of thinking about that, though, I want you to take a look at this:

Lavash Bread

That, my friends, is Lavash Bread from a Turkish restaurant I went to last night with Jeff, and our friends, Jess and Seth. 

Here’s another little secret: Jeff lived in Turkey for a few months when he was a teenager. His dad taught US History there as part of the Fulbright Scholar Program, and took Jeff and his brother along.

So it’s really no secret that Jeff loves Turkish food. It’s unfortunate, however, that we discovered Ali Baba, a Turkish restaurant in Troy, two days before we move away from the area. Jeff said that the meal he had there last night was the best he’s had in America. That’s saying a lot, considering he’s been to a number of Turkish restaurants in the US since he lived in Turkey.

Along with the bread, we had yogurt sauce and humus for dipping:



I took Jeff’s suggestion, and ordered the Veggie Iskender for my entree:

Veggie Iskender

Roasted mixed vegetables with tomatoes and yogurt sauce

Honestly, aside from the tomato and yogurt sauce, and a few mushrooms and peppers here and there, I have no idea what was in this, but it was so good!

If you live in the area, and are looking for a fun, out-of-the-box dining experience, I suggest checking this place out!

I want to rewind a little bit, and share Thursday’s dinner with you. About a month ago, I received a coupon from the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program to try out an Alexia All Natural product. Jeff and I just got around to choosing one this past week:

Onion rings

I LOVE onion rings, and these ones looked especially delicious. Alexia and Foodbuzz also sent me a fun kitchen apron, which is convenient since I make a huge mess of things whenever I cook. Actually, I make a huge mess of things whenever I do anything. I should probably just wear the apron all the time.

I asked Jeff to take a picture of me wearing the apron, and well, it took a couple tries:

Take One  Take Two Take Three

(Notice I’m wearing a banana republic sweater with pajama pants. I’m classy like that)

I finally decided that a glass of wine would help get a suitable picture out of me:

Me in Apron

That’s perfect, right? I should be an Alexia All Natural model.

ANYWAY, Jeff and I decided to have “burgers” with our onion rings:

Veggie Burgers

The onion rings were SO easy to make. All I had to do was bake them in the oven for about 15 minutes. I loved them because the ingredient list was short, and readable. Onions, beer, water, and wheat flour are the first four ingredients.


The rings were crunchy, just the way they should be, and tasted like ones you’d get at a restaurant.

Veggie Burger

Jeff wants me to tell you that he approved of both the onions rings and the burgers. He doesn’t usually like veggie burgers, so that’s saying a lot. 🙂

We got two meals out of the box of onion rings. Thursday was actually the second time we had this dinner. We’ll definitely be buying Alexia products again.  In fact, we bought Alexia Garlic Bread on Monday for my birthday dinner. The garlic bread, like the onion rings, did not disappoint.

Thanks, Foodbuzz, for giving me the chance to try Alexia products!

I’m about to work out at my gym for the last time. I’ll write a post soon about how I plan to work out while I’m living at my parents’ house. I also promise to show you a picture of me sitting inside our HUGE moving truck tomorrow. If I don’t get to post before then, wish me luck!

How many places have you lived in your life? Do you like moving?

I’ve only lived two places: my parents’ house and this apartment, which is why I am such a baby about packing. 🙂

Have a great Saturday! <3

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This is What Love Looks Like…

Aside from laying in bed for most of the day, my Sunday looked like this:


Trader Joe’s Three Layer Hummus sort of reminds me of Sand Art.


Heather picked these chips up for Julie on our Blogger Grocery Trip on Saturday, and I think about half of us followed in her footsteps.

They are so good.


Somehow, when buying this hummus on Saturday, I completely forgot that I hate cilantro. Zesty Cilantro is the bottom layer. The other two layers are fabulous, so I’m dealing.


Earlier this week, I received two loaves of Nature’s Pride Oven Classics Bread from the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program.

Nature's Pride

Remember the Black Bean & Barley Sliders I made last month with Nature’s Pride bread?

Well, this sandwich isn’t as fancy…


That, my friends, is feta and hummus on toast. Delicious.


So far, I’m loving the oatmeal bread. It’s so soft and flavorful.

Jeff wanted to get me out of the apartment last night, so we went to a diner for dinner.



I love diners.

I ordered two scrambled eggs with dry wheat toast. It came with a mountain of home fries, and I wasn’t too crazy about them. I usually inhale home fries, but not this time. I only ate half.


When we got home, I broke into the oreos Trader Joes’s Joe Joe’s.

TJ's Joe Joes

They seriously taste exactly like oreos, but without all of the crappy ingredients in them.

I had a serious craving for a bagel from Uncommon Grounds today. So after resting in bed this morning and for a lot of this afternoon, Jeff and I headed there for lunch.


I got a toasted sundried tomato bagel with a 1/2 of a schmear of honey-walnut cream cheese.

Two things:

  1. The guy making my bagel looked at my like I was crazy when I asked for half of a schmear. A schmear is already half the amount of cream cheese they usually put on, and I was asking for half of that. What can I say? I don’t really like tons of cream cheese, or cream cheese at all for that matter. I just really like the honey-walnut kind.
  2. He also commented about how weird it is to pair honey-walnut cream cheese with a sundried tomato bagel. I obviously like weird combos (see feta-hummus sandwich above). I’m a healthy-living blogger. Get over it.

Before we left for lunch, I decided that I was going to try to go to class tonight. Rather than leave for lunch, then go home, and go back out again, we decided to waste time at Barnes & Noble and Target.

After reading Eating Animals at B&N for a while, we went to the mall pet store to play with some of the puppies. I’ve explained how I feel about pet stores before. I wish I could have taken all the dogs home with me. I feel so bad that they’re locked up in cages with people staring at them all the time. Jeff and I always like to take a few out to play with when we get the chance.

Once we were done petting the puppies to death, we took a quick trip to Target, and then headed to school. I ended up leaving class early, and ate curried rice and lentil soup from Au Bon Pain for dinner while I waited for Jeff to get out of class to take me home. 


I haven’t done a “what I ate” post in a while. I’ve actually kind of missed writing them! Hope you enjoyed it!

And before I forget, check out this sweet hat that Jeff bought me from Target:


My mom specifically requested a picture of me in it when I told her about it.

And this is what it looks like with the heat lamp on:


Not sure why Jeff thought it would make for better lighting, but whatever. Go with it.

The END.

Have a great Tuesday! <3

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