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Hi. My name is Rebecca and I’m addicted to coffee shops.

Panacea Coffee Company- Waynesville, NC

I can’t help it! There are SO MANY in this area and they are all so awesome!

On Tuesday I met up with Susanna at Panacea Coffee Company in Waynesville, NC, about 35 minutes from Asheville.

Susanna- zealousmom.com

Susanna and I met through the NC Blogger Network last week, and because I’m obviously addicted to blogger meet-ups too, we scheduled a coffee date.

I immediately fell in love with Panacea’s outdoor seating space, and we took full advantage of it  since it was such a beautiful day in Western North Carolina.

Panacea Coffee Company- Waynesville, NC

Panacea Coffee Company- Waynesville, NC

Susanna and I spent a good chunk of our date hanging with a cat that just randomly wandered up to our table.  It even sat on Susanna’s lap for bit (if you click on that link, please ignore my ridiculous face and pay attention to the awesome mug instead).

Panacea Coffee Company- Waynesville, NC

We had a great time getting to know one another and talking about all things blog-related.  I definitely see more meet-ups in our future. Preferably at Panacea because 1) the atmosphere was great, 2) the coffee was delicious, and 3) perhaps most important: I want to hang out with that cat again. Don’t tell Aslan!

Panacea Coffee Company, Waynesville, NC

Panacea Coffee Company, Waynesville, NC

Speaking of blog friends, a few weeks ago Teri and I started talking mugs on Twitter.

Twitter Mug Chat

Seriously, the number of mugs Jeff and I own for just the two of us is completely ridiculous, especially considering there are probably only three I drink from regularly.  But I just can’t get let go of them and I’m always compelled to buy more.  It drives Jeff crazy, but I’m a hoarder, what can I say?

We went back and forth until we finally decided it was necessary to do a mug swap. I mean, Jeff can’t get mad about another mug if I receive it as a gift, right?  Right.

Teri said it was OK.


When the guy at my rental office asked why my package had a hashtag on it, I simply said, “it’s from my blog friend.” He definitely gave me a weird look, but I was too excited to explain.

Blogger problems.

I ran home and ripped open the package to find coffee beans, dark chocolate, and, of course, a fabulous new mug!

Mug Swap Goodies

Thanks, Teri, for the delicious goodies! I can’t wait until you get yours! Let’s make sure #SendRebeccaMugs starts trending on Twitter so I end up with 3,000 mugs and Jeff can kill me…

Now that we’re done talking about mugs, we should probably talk about this burrito I shared on Instagram yesterday.

Wow. OK, guys, stop whatever the heck you’re doing and go make this right now. You think I’m kidding, but I am so not kidding. This burrito will change. your. life. I don’t know if it’s because I just got back from spin class and grocery shopping, but I scarfed this down like at any minute someone was going to come in and take it from me. It was THAT GOOD. You absolutely need this burrito in your life. In the Whole Wheat Tortilla: (measurements are whatever-just do you) Brown Rice Chickpeas, yes, chickpeas Spinach Habanero Cheddar One Egg All the Frank’s Red Hot. All of it Garlic Powder Avocado, my love Olive Oil, for the pan Heat rice and chickpeas in a small amount of olive oil. Add Spinach and Grated Habanero Cheddar. When spinach is wilted crack egg into pan and let cook through. Add all of the Frank’s Red Hot. Sprinkle on some garlic powder. Heat your whole wheat tortilla in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. Top with cooked ingredients. Add avocado. Stuff. Your. Face. You’re freakin welcome.

A photo posted by Rebecca (@rosey_rebecca) on

I whipped it together after returning home from a particularly challenging spin class, where my bike was stuck in a ridiculously high resistance for most of the class until I finally decided to move to a different bike.  (Side Note: I don’t know what it is with me and spin classes lately.  Last week I pulled my pants off by accident and this week I nearly pedaled my legs off. Sheesh!)

This burrito, though, this burrito was magical. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s probably the best one I’ve ever made.  Now, I may have just been ravenous from my workout and in one of those phases where I would have eaten the frying pan if I didn’t get something in my stomach ASAP,  but I sincerely believe my taste buds know better than that. Please, please, please go make this and let me know if I’m totally insane.

While you’re doing that, I’m going to chug ALL of this Peanut Butter & Jelly Brown Ale from Catawba Brewing Co.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time- Catawba Brewing Company, Asheville, NC“PB&J Time Ale is a ‘Light Brown’ ale brewed from five different grains that is then lovingly-aged on raspberries and roasted peanuts.  Take a sip, let the bread, fruit, and nut flavors mingle on your palate, and recall the carefree days of youth as you enjoy our PB&J in a glass.”

Yes, it smells and tastes just like a PB&J sandwich.  No, it isn’t weird or gross.  Yes, it’s completely delicious.

I wonder if I can special order it for our wedding.  Hey, Catawba, let’s get on that!  P.S. I love you.

Speaking of our wedding, here is a short wedding planning update.  Yesterday morning I ran into Jeff’s office to remind him that it’s ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY. Then I called my mom and told her too, ya know, in case she forgot.   Totally normal for an almost-29-year-old, right?  I’ve always loved birthdays and this year I’m extra excited because we’re going to New York to visit family and friends and to go BRIDESMAID DRESS SHOPPING. Caps were necessary there.  This whole planning a wedding is moving right along.  We hired a photographer earlier this week, I updated our wedding website with accommodation info for our guests, and I contacted some DJs. I’d be lying if I told you I’m not completely overwhelmed. I mean all I really care about is the food and the cake anyway.  Oh, and Jeff, I care about him too! Smile with tongue out

OK, now that I’ve talked your ear off, I’m off to yoga!

Are you a mug hoarder? Do you like camping out in coffee shops? What are your plans for the weekend? Let’s chat!

Have a wonderful weekend! <3

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Odd’s Cafe In West Asheville (Giveaway!)


Hi all! Happy Wednesday! I have a pretty fun giveaway for Asheville locals today, but first…

We need to discuss this Vanilla-Rose Latte.

Vanilla-Rose Latte- Odd's Cafe

You read that right.

Vanilla. Rose. Latte.

Odd's Cafe- West Asheville, NC

No, I didn’t order it because my name is Rosey RebeccaI know you were wondering.

I ordered it because it sounded freaking awesome.  And it was.

The  warm weather and this big open window made it taste even better.

Odd's Cafe- West Asheville, NC

Are you reading those other latte flavors?  Lavender–Honey?  Ginger-Turmeric? Raspberry-Hazelnut?  Oh my yum.

Odd's Cafe- Asheville, NC

Another thing we need to discuss is  Odd’s Cafe, the place where I drank this delicious latte.

Odd's Cafe- West Asheville, NC

Jeff and I discovered Odd’s Cafe in West Asheville when we first moved to Asheville in September. We were drawn in by our need for caffeine and by the huge T-Rex on the wall.

Odd's Cafe- Asheville, NC

It was love at first sip! Since my first visit, I’ve gone back a number of times to take advantage of their cozy atmosphere and delicious drinks. All of Odd’s syrups are house-made, which is always a huge draw for me.  I don’t usually get syrups in my drinks unless the cafe makes them in-house.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that when I lived in Albany, I was obsessed in love with a coffee and bagel shop called Uncommon Grounds.

Well, it turns out that the owner of Odd’s Cafe used to WORK at Uncommon Grounds and modeled Odd’s off of it! How crazy is that!?   It wasn’t until last week when I was chatting with her that I discovered our New York connection. I fell even more in love right then and there.

Odd's Cafe- Asheville, NC

One of the things I love most about Asheville is its huge focus on community.

With its free book library and overflowing bulletin board, it’s apparent that nurturing the local community is one of Odd’s passions, too. They even let customers bring their dogs in, which I absolutely love because I’m obsessed with dogs.

Odd's Cafe- Asheville, NC

While its unique-flavored lattes are enough of a selling point for me, Odd’s also serves Counter Culture Coffee, pastries, smoothies, gelato and lots and lots of tea. And bagels FROM NEW YORK. Can’t forget about that!

Odd's Cafe-West Asheville, NC

Oh, and they also have this Vegetarian Chorizo Strata from Wake Robins Farm Breads.

Vegetarian Chorizo Strata- Odd's Cafe, West Asheville, NC

So good!

Odd’s is very dietary-restriction friendly. They have a variety of milks to choose from for drinks,  plus gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options for foodies.  Just another reason why I adore them!  Another cool thing is that you can start a tab while you’re there, just as you would at a bar. This is great for people like me who like to camp out in coffee shops and order things throughout the day.

I can think of a million more reasons why I love Odd’s, but enough talk, ON TO THE GIVEAWAY!!!

Odd's Cafe Giveaway- www.roseyrebecca.com

Odd’s Cafe has kindly offered a $25 gift card to one lucky local!

I wish all my readers could enter this giveaway, but unfortunately this one is just for Asheville area locals.  I consider *local* to be anyone within an hour of Asheville, NC, so this extends to Black Mountain, Weaverville, Candler, Waynesville, etc. If you have any questions about whether you’re qualified to enter, please just shoot me an email: rebecca@roseyrebecca.com


Simply leave a comment on this post and tell me about the most unique coffee or tea drink you’ve ever had.


***Each of the following counts as one additional entry. Please leave a separate comment for each additional entry. Bonus entries will not be counted unless you leave a comment letting me know you completed one of the following actions.***


  1. This giveaway is only open to Asheville area locals. People who live within an hour of Asheville are also welcome to enter. Please don’t enter unless you know you’ll use the gift card.
  2. You have until midnight on Sunday, March 13 to enter.
  3. I will select and announce a winner on Monday, March 14 via the Random Integer Generator. The winner will have until midnight on Tuesday, March 15 to claim their prize. If the winner does not reply by then, I will choose a new winner on Wednesday, March 16.

Good Luck!

Disclaimer: Odd’s Cafe did not provide me with free food or drinks. They did not compensate me or request that I write this post. They have kindly offered one winner a $25 gift card. 

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