In Like A Lion…

What a whirlwind of a week!

The last time I sat still was Sunday on the crazy four-hour bus trip back from New York. I say crazy because the guy sitting in front of me thought he was in his living room recliner. (Actually, sir, I don’t think your seat belongs in my lap thankyouverymuch). I never know what to do in those situations. On this particular occasion I tried to politely ask the man to adjust his seat and it backfired. I won’t get into the nasty details but let’s just say his seat ended up further in my lap and it made for a very awkward and uncomfortable trip back home. Thoughts on travel etiquette anyone?

Anyway, happy Friday and happy March!  March is one of my favorite months because it means two things: 1) my birthday is close (I’ll be 26 on the 21st!)  and 2) spring is almost here! It’s usually around this time of year when I get really sick of the cold weather. I can’t wait for the days when I can walk outside without freezing and when tables are set up outside all of my favorite restaurants and cafes!

Speaking of restaurants, in my last post I mentioned I was going out for pizza for my father’s birthday on Tuesday. Nothing, not even the impending DC snow storm* or the one-mile walk from the metro to the restaurant, was going to stop me from fulfilling that promise.


Go ahead and drool. It’s ok.

2Amys came highly recommended to me by my supervisor at work. He called it the “best pizza in DC.” The best pizza in DC? Hold on. I’ll be the judge of that.


Now, I don’t mean to sound like a snob, but I know good pizza. I was raised right outside NYC into a family obsessed with tracking down great pies. My father lived for finding the best slice. So when someone tells me that they’ve found the best pizza in a certain area, I’m a bit skeptical until I can try it for myself.

The verdict?

Not the best pizza I’ve had in DC so far but definitely up there on my list. My problem with this particular pie was that the crust faltered below the weight of its toppings. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a nice, charred, thin crust, but all I had was a Margherita and if the crust couldn’t support a thin layer of sauce, cheese and basil, I don’t know how any of the other, more loaded pies could survive. It’s definitely a knife and fork type of pizza, and I like to pick my slices up. Overall, the flavor was delicious though and I’d definitely go back to try it again.

Here’s a fun bit of information about 2Amys’ pizza from their website:

In 1998 the Italian government formally recognized Neapolitan pizza as a traditional food worthy of preservation and granted it D.O.C (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) status, which specifies the legally permitted ingredients and methods of preparation necessary to produce authentic Neapolitan Pizza. Only soft-grain flour, fresh yeast, water, and sea salt may be used for the dough, and only Italian plum tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala, extra-virgin olive oil and fresh basil or dried oregano may be used for the toppings. Fresh garlic may only be used on the Pizza Marinara. All Neapolitan pizzas must be cooked in a wood-burning oven. The Verace Pizza Napoletana Association was established to protect and promote authentic Neapolitan pizza and defend its Neapolitan origins and traditions. As a member of the Association, we abide by these strict requirements and serve D.O.C. pizza.

Pretty cool, I’d say.

Conclusion? If you’d in the Cleveland Park area of DC (right near the National Cathedral), give 2Amys a try. Even if you can’t pick up and fold the pizza like a true New Yorker, you won’t be disappointed by the flavor.

On what subject are you a self-proclaimed snob?

The end.

p.s. Totally psyched for a blogger dinner tonight in DC. It’s been in the works for a month now and there are around 12 of us attending. Can’t wait to meet everyone!

*Again, not trying to sound like a snob, but the “snow storm” in DC which closed all of the federal offices and even my office building? Total joke. When I was your age went to school in Albany, the snow storms we got would have eaten this one for breakfast.

The end again. For real this time.

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Lazy Dinner and a Blogger Meet-up!

Happy Valentine’s Day Eve!

I may or may not have just eaten five frozen bite-sized midnight milky way bars in celebration.

Jeff and I decided to keep Valentine’s Day pretty low key this year. We’re just going to have a nice dinner at home and probably watch a million episodes of Diners, Drive-ins & Dives on the Food Network. Pretty perfect, if you ask me.

Speaking of perfect, I’m currently wrapped up in a blanket, sitting in my favorite chair near the window in our living room. I’ve had a ridiculously relaxing Wednesday night, complete with PJs, comfy socks and the simplest dinner I think I’ve ever made in my life (aside from a bowl of cereal, that is).

Dinner 3

This, my friends, is Brown Rice, Lentils and Spinach. That’s it. Simple and delicious. And, just when you thought it couldn’t get any easier, will you believe me if I told you that the whole thing was made in less than 10 minutes and, get ready for it, in the mircrowave?!

Trader Joe's Rice and Lentils

Frozen Spinach

Well, believe it, because that’s what happened. It’s the perfect, lazy dinner!

All together in one big mush:

All together

You’re welcome. I’ll be signing autographs later.

Let’s move on to more important things, shall we?

Like the fact that I had dinner with Ashley from Coffee Cake and Cardio last night and it was absolutely divine. (Do people really say divine?) 


Ashley and I started talking about a year ago when I first moved to DC. I’m so glad we finally had the opportunity to meet up, and at one of my favorite restaurants, no less!


Pizzeria Paradiso has three locations in the DC Metro area. Last night, Ashley and I met at the original in Dupont Circle.

We decided to split the Insalata Paradiso to start:

IMG_0548Baby Arugula, Goat Cheese, Sweet Red Pepper, Mushrooms, Pine Nuts, Citrus Vinaigrette

And I ordered an individual Bosco pizza on whole wheat crust for my entrée. I also added garlic because, really, what kind of person are you if you don’t add garlic to your pizza?

IMG_0551Paradiso Tomato, Spinach, Mozzarella, Mushrooms, Red Onion

Yum. I love, love, LOVE Paradiso. I’m sort of a NY pizza snob (there! I said it), and this is probably my favorite place for pizza in DC. 

Ashley and I had a great time and SO much to talk about. I love meeting like-minded bloggers and I see many other dinners with Ashley in my not-so-distant future!

Have you ever met up with a fellow blogger/tweeter? Tell me about it!

Random Fitness Update:

So, you may have seen on Twitter that I hurt my upper right arm somehow at the gym. I went to a Sports Medicine doctor today, and have a prescription for physical therapy. He thinks I strained the muscle. To say that I’m frustrated is an understatement. I feel like I just got back into my routine. I’m making the best of it, however, and still working on strength-training for my abs and lower body. And, of course, I’m still doing cardio. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery!

How do you stay positive when dealing with a sports injury?

What are you plans for Valentine’s Day!?

Have a great Thursday and  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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