Time and Tomatoes

It’s Tuesday. I’m sitting in Starbucks and there is Christmas music playing. 

Totally normal for the 11th day of December, right? Right. Except I have no idea how it’s December already. 
Time is a ridiculous concept to me. Take my best friend Dara, for instance, who got engaged in November 2011. She planned her wedding for October 20, which seemed sooooooo far away at the time, and now it’s been nearly two months since she got married. That just seems so crazy. Where did that time go? 
Jeff and I just started Christmas shopping this past weekend. I’m not usually one of those last minute holiday shoppers, but Christmas snuck up on me this year. Speaking of Christmas, is it too late to do a Thanksgiving recap?… Just kidding (maybe).
Anyway, I’ll stop rambling about time for now to talk about tomatoes, because, really, I think they’re more important anyway. Especially when they look like this:
That, my friends, is what happens when you dump a jar of tomato sauce into a pan with everything in your fridge.
In the mix:

Unpictured: half a yellow onion, TJ’s shaved Parmesan, black pepper

So simple, yet so freakin’ delicious.

That was Saturday night’s dinner. Sunday night’s involved even more tomatoes. It was a tomato kind of weekend.

So, here is what I’ve learned from working less than a block away from a Cosi: their tomato basil soup is AMAZING. Something else I’ve learned, however, is that it’s absolutely horrible for you. How horrible, you ask? A regular size container of Cosi’s tomato basil soup has 36 grams of fat (99% of which is saturated and two grams is trans fat), 1122 mg of sodium and 121 mg of cholesterol. Seriously? I usually don’t like to restrict myself, but I had to draw the line after reading that. That’s just way too ridiculous. 

The problem is I love tomato soup. So I decided to make some from scratch.

We really enjoyed this tomato soup. I think next time I’ll use 2% milk though. I’ll also try not to burn everything on the bottom of the pan…

Things to ignore:
  • The splotches of tomato on the opposite burner. No idea how they got all the way over there…
Things to note:
  • I used this recipe and doubled it
  • I used 1% lactose-free milk because Jeff is lactose intolerant
  • I used no salt added diced tomatoes
  • I substitued black pepper for white pepper
  • This is the second time I’ve ever used my immersion blender and It. Is. Awesome.
  • If you make this, remember to heat your milk/cream slowly on a low temp
Also remember to eat a TJ’S veggie masala burger with your bowl of soup. 

Just do it. You will not be disappointed. 

One last thing: always use fresh basil. Always.

Make sure to put it in a water glass, too. It tastes better…(I made that up)

The end! 

Have a great Wednesday!  
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March Confessions (Part Two) in Pictures

I ate the best breakfast burrito of my life yesterday:

breakfast burrito

It contained one scrambled egg mixed with tomato, 1/4 cup refried black beans, a scoop of homemade guac (avocado, chopped onion, tomato, garlic powder), a splash of Frank’s Red Hot, and 1/2 tsp of shredded cheddar. Heated in a whole wheat tortilla over medium heat until crispy, and topped with salsa. Yum!

I just ate this chocolate chip cookie:


It’s blurry because I ate it so fast. 

When Jeff is away from our apartment, I sleep with this flashlight in my bed:


It’s so I can whack intruders in the head. (Stalkers be warned, Jeff will be home tonight!)

That brown and black blurb on the left side of the picture is a stuffed beagle named Achoo. Jeff got him for me at Build-a-Bear in 2006. Achoo sleeps in my bed every night. 🙂

My kitchen sink looks like this:


That mug in the bottom left corner was used to hold hot water to pour on my frozen car door this morning. It was then used to hold ______ cups of coffee at work all day.To be fair, more than half those cups were decaf.

I spent $68 on groceries today…


…most of which are for me.

My dinners these days are lazy and delicious:


1/2 a whole wheat pita stuffed with Sabra hummus, 1/4 an avocado, 1/4 a tomato. Sliced tomato and 1/2 cup of that rice blend from the pic above.


The inside of my gym bag looked like this earlier:

gym bag

I brought it to work with me so I could hit the gym directly after my shift. I shared the Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies with my coworkers, and topped the Kashi Fire-Roasted Veggie crackers with tiny smears of cream cheese, sliced roasted red pepper,and chopped cucumber. Don’t be jealous.

Exercise makes everything better. Period.

If you missed it, here’s Part One of my March Confessions. Thank you so much for your support. Your feedback really makes everything a lot easier to deal with. I really appreciate each and every one of your comments. <3

Have a great Wednesday!

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