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September 2014
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How to Do Yoga…in the Bathroom…at Work

So, sometimes (most of the time), when I’m at my desk at work and my leg and hip are acting up, I seriously contemplate crawling under my desk to do some yoga. You know all of those Sitting is Going to Kill You articles that tell you to stand while you’re talking on the phone, to have ‘walking meetings’ with coworkers, and to run marathons at lunch? I think that if everyone could just work from downward dog, the world would be fine.  Since doing a happy laughing baby in the middle of the office isn’t an option for me, however, I’ve recently started taking minibreaks during my workday to strike some poses in the bathroom.

Office WorkoutsSource

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Bathrooms are gross. Bathroom floors are even more gross. I agree. That’s why I don’t do any floor poses. Standing poses, however, are totally doable, and they make me feel so much better throughout the day. Here are some of my favorites:

Standing Forward Fold

Standing Foward FoldSource

I love this pose because it stretches out the back of my legs and my lower back. I usually do two or three and roll up slowly.

Standing Backbend

yoga poses - Standing Back Bend position (anuvittasana)Source

Another great one for the back. This one also helps open up my shoulders and just feels good overall.

Chair Pose


This is one of my favorites because I’m lacking stability in my right side lately and this post strengthens all around. Plus it stretches my shoulders, which are always quite sore from sitting at a desk all day.

Tree Pose


This might be my favorite yoga pose of all time, not only because balancing really strengthens your legs, but for the sense of calm it always brings me. Whenever I’m having a stressful day, I retreat to the bathroom and stand in tree pose for a bit and it always grounds me. I think I like this one so much because it really forces me to stay in the present and focus on balancing.

Once in a while, someone will walk into the bathroom and look at me funny, but, trust me, the weird looks are well worth if it means I get to squeeze in some yoga during the day!

Hope I’ve inspired you to do some bathroom yoga at work, too!

Do you work out at work?

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September Confessions

#1 All I want to do is eat stacks and stacks of these blueberry pancakes from Snooze.

Snooze Pancake

Is that too much to ask?

#2 The whole right side of my body has been broken since March. Not literally broken, but enough so that I haven’t been able to go to yoga or ride my bike. I’ve been in physical therapy since June. The other day, the therapist told me my hips were out of alignment and that one of my legs was longer than the other. So he pulled it really hard (my leg, not my hip) and told me that he fixed it. I was very confused but it actually seemed to make my leg feel better so I’ll take it.  What did I do to my leg, you ask? I have no effin clue. The right side of my knee started bugging me a week before my birthday in March, and then my hip and lower back got all wonky, and then my calf started hurting and there you have it. I had an MRI on Friday (can we talk about how weird MRIs are?) and my doctor seems to think it’s ITBS. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m obviously 95.

#3 Jeff and I went on an epic road trip last month, covering 15 states in 15 days, and I’ve decided that we need to live everywhere. Especially Colorado. 


#4 I don’t like Pumpkin Spice Lattes. There. I said it.

#5 I don’t care about the new iPhone. There. I said another thing. 

#6 I bought a pumpkin squash yesterday. Jeff says that all pumpkins are squash but not all squash are pumpkins. Therefore I’m not allowed to call our round, orange thing a pumpkin because technically it’s a Kikuza Squash. Whatever that means.  It looks like a pumpkin to me.


#7 I kind of can’t believe that Jeff and I have been together for nine years. Nine. Years. He sent roses to my office on Tuesday and on Friday evening I braved rush hour on the metro to carry them home.  Part of being a little socially awkward means I never really know what to say or do when someone compliments me on something that I had absolutely no part in creating. Am I supposed to say thank you? I grew these myself.  Am I supposed to agree with them? Why, yes, these are beautiful roses. Am I supposed to just smile and nod?

Aslan Roses

Anyway, the roses made it home safe and sound.  Aslan likes to affectionately head-butt them and I just like looking at em. Here’s to another nine years!

#8 Today is my half birthday, which I’m going to celebrate because I’m 5 and life is short.

#9  All I’ve wanted to eat lately is cheese and chocolate. And pasta. And mashed potatoes. And peanut butter puffins. Not all together. That would be gross.


#10 Life has been hard lately, but I firmly believe that the best way out is always through.

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