Mar 16, 2021 14 min read

Currently (March 2021)

A list of things I’m currently reading, watching, excited for, working on, and grateful for.

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Would you believe me if I told you it took me five days to write this blog post? Well, it did. What I’ve come to learn about myself and blogging since being diagnosed with ADHD one whole year ago is that trying to write a blog post when I’m not feeling motivated to is like pulling teeth.

To be honest, writing a blog post even when I do feel motivated is sometimes a struggle. I mentioned this to Jeff and was reminded of how I used to put off writing papers in college or stories for the paper. Once I opened my laptop and started writing, it came easily and I fully enjoyed it.

My problem is always with getting started, anticipatory anxiety, and a sense of dread for working on tasks that I know will take a lot of energy and focus. As I reflect on all these things that have always been part of me, I feel anger at previous therapists for not diagnosing me sooner. The fact that I have ADHD is so crystal clear to me and looking back, there were always SO MANY signs.

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