Questions I Don’t Know The Answers To... (March 2024)

You are cordially invited to my Panic Appointment. Bring a plus-one. Panic loves company! That's how the saying goes, right? RIGHT!?

Questions I Don’t Know The Answers To... (March 2024)
Photo by Aubree Herrick / Unsplash

This morning, I was sitting on my couch, drinking coffee, and updating my calendar for April when I suddenly remembered that WE ARE MOVING TO NEW YORK IN MAY.

You might be wondering how I could possibly forget that I'm moving to a different state in a little over a month (37 days, to be exact), and that's a great question.

The answer is simple: I didn't forget; I just chose not to remember. It's different.

You see, I know my brain and understand that in order to function day-to-day and prepare for this MASSIVE life change, I must ignore it completely. Because if I think about it too much, I panic.

So, this morning, when I felt my breath catch in my throat, and my heart start to pound, I immediately yelled NOT TODAY! and added Panic to my calendar instead.

Panic Appointment - May 3, 2024

Because I'm a loving and considerate wife, I invited Jeff to my Panic Appointment, too—a Panic Date, if you will. (By "invited," I mean that I added it to our joint calendar without asking because that's how marriage works.)

Then, after laughing for 10 whole minutes at the "Propose Another Date" option, I carried on with my day. (By "carried on with my day," I mean I took a screenshot and procrastinated packing by writing this blog post.)


Questions I Don't Know The Answers To...(March 2024)

In the spirit of choosing not to remember that my WHOLE life is going to be different in just 37 DAYS, I thought I'd share some more Questions I Don't Know The Answers To. Maybe you have the answers. Maybe you don't. Who knows? Let's see.