Calm Strips: What They Are and Why I (Still) Love 'Em

A detailed look at what's new with Calm Strips since I first wrote about them in 2020.

Calm Strips: What They Are and Why I (Still) Love 'Em
Photo by Rosey Rebecca
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Anyone who knows me will tell you that when I find something I love, it's impossible to shut me up about it. Whether it be an interesting story I heard, an amazing person I met, an awesome product I found, whatever it is: I want EVERYONE to know. I am the QUEEN of info-dumping about the things I care about.

If there's one thing I have consistently raved about over the past few years, it's my love for Calm Strips. I talk about them every chance I get, with anyone who will listen: friends, family, my pharmacist, strangers at the gym, dogs on the street, anyone! Recently, I've noticed that almost every conversation goes something like this:

ME (screaming at the top of my lungs) "I LOVE CALM STRIPS!"

THEM (somehow unfazed by my outburst) "I keep seeing their ads on social media. I’ve been wondering about them!"

ME (still screaming) "I KNOW! THAT’S HOW I FOUND THEM, TOO!"

Then, I wax poetic about how in the fall of 2020, after seeing their ad on Instagram, I sent Calm Strips a message basically accusing them of fraud.

"YOU'RE TELLING ME that you're trying to sell HELP MY ANXIETY!?" I yelled into my keyboard.

"Yes," they calmly replied. "Would you like to try them?"

And despite my skepticism, I said yes. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you it was love at first touch. I was so surprised and impressed that I wrote a glowing review and became Calm Strips' very first affiliate partner shortly thereafter.

In the years since Calm Strips have exploded in popularity. They’ve introduced tons of new products, used their ever-growing social media presence to spread awareness about the importance of mental health, and even appeared on an episode of Shark Tank!

On January 28, 2022, Calm Strips founder Michael Malkin and Administrative Director Luce Fuller appeared on ABC's hit show Shark Tank and successfully convinced celebrity entrepreneur Robert Herjavec to invest in Calm Strips. Photo Source: Calm Strips IG Post.

We've collaborated on giveaways, I've been a repeat guest on their Instagram lives, and in 2021, they surprised the crap out of me by asking to feature my “All Worries” design on a Calm Strip.

Most importantly, this ridiculous picture of me with my hair wrapped in a bath towel is displayed on the Calm Strips website to this day!

If that isn't a great partnership, I don't know what is!

My original review is still one of the top-visited posts on my website. But since Calm Strips has grown so much over the years, I think it’s finally time for an UPDATE.

Better three years late than never. That’s how the saying goes, right? Right. 


(Who? What? Where? How?)

What Are Calm Strips?

Calm Strips are textured sensory stickers made with reusable adhesive that you can apply to pretty much any surface imaginable. They come in all types of fun designs, shapes, and colors.

Who Are Calm Strips For?

EVERYONE can enjoy Calm Strips, but they are especially helpful for Autistic, ADHD individuals, like me, who fidget or stim* to release anxious energy and/or regulate their emotions. They are also helpful for people who engage in Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs) like skin-picking, nail-biting, or hair-pulling. 

*What Is Stimming?
"The word 'stim' is short for 'self-stimulatory,' and refers to any repetitive behavior, like movement, or making a sound, that is comforting to the person enacting the behavior. Stimming is common in folks who are autistic and/or ADHD, but everyone stims. It’s just that some stims are more obvious than others." - Danielle Sullivan, Neurodiverging blog, "What Does Autistic Stimming Look Like."

See also: "Stimming: What it is and Why Autistic People Do it," - Maxfield Sparrow, NeuroClastic blog.

Where Do You Put Calm Strips?

Lots of places! I put mine on my laptop, computer mouse, iPhone, steering wheel, notebooks, etc. My absolute favorite spot to put Calm Strips is on my purse. The carry tags they sell are specifically designed to hold Calm Strips securely in place. This comes in really handy when I'm out in public and need to stim.

Calm Strips come in many different designs, shapes, and colors, which means you can make them as discreet or attention-grabbing as you want!

How Do You Use Calm Strips?

My favorite way to use Calm Strips is to scratch them. I also love to pick at the corners and then press them back down. Another way to use Calm Strips is to gently glide your fingers across the surface or trace the outline of the shape. Some Calm Strips even come with directions for breathing exercises (more on that below).

Since the adhesive is reusable (and doesn't leave a residue), you can scratch, pick, and peel Calm Strips to your heart's content without worrying about damaging the surface they're affixed to or the stickers themselves. Calm Strips remain functional and can withstand outdoor elements for up to four years, as long as the adhesive side stays clean.

What's New With Calm Strips?

(Since I Last Wrote About Them 3+ Years Ago)

Read My Original Calm Strips Review

Where do I even start? Maybe with three very key differences from when I first wrote about them in 2020: 

1. Calm Strips Are Available in Various Shapes and Sizes

The original Calm Strip design was a long, rectangular...uh...strip. Their designs now include many different shapes and sizes, such as circles, rainbows, butterflies, bananas...yes, I said bananas.

2. Calm Strips Come in Four Different Textures

While I'll always have a soft spot for the OG texture: Soft Sand, I am so excited that Calm Strips has expanded its offerings. People with sensory issues are, well, sensitive to different textures. While Soft Sand might provide enough sensory input for some people, it might not even scratch the surface for others (see what I did there?).

Calm Strips are now available in the following textures:

  • Smooth Satin - smoothest matte-finish feel
  • Soft Sand - soothing with a slight subtle grain
  • River Rocks - extra bumpy texture
  • Patterned Pebbles - satisfying uniform bumpy texture

Each texture is unique and helpful in its own way. Can't decide which one to try? No problem. They come in variety packs

3. Calm Strips Packaging Is Cuter Than Ever!

Each design comes packaged in its own reusable mylar bag and contains a printed inspirational quote and information card!

Designs I Love

(And Think You Will, Too)

Inhale + Carry Tag Duo

Designed to inspire mindfulness, this special Calm Shape is an incredible visual and tactile tool for box breathing exercises.

Trace your finger across the textured surface and:

  • Inhale for four seconds
  • Hold your breath for four seconds
  • Exhale for four seconds
  • Hold your breath out for four seconds

Attach it to your keys or purse with the handy carry tag to keep calm everywhere you go!


Universe of Possibilities Calm Shape

Designed to inspire resilience, perseverance, and hope in every moment, this design takes the form of a semicolon, a symbol of continuance. Each detail is meticulously crafted to remind users of their strength and ability to overcome hardships, mirroring the vastness of space with the vast potential within each of us.

As an annual sponsor of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) Walk Out of Darkness, Calm Strips is proud to support the foundation's vital work of saving lives and bringing hope to those affected by suicide. Let the "Universe of Possibilities" serve as a tangible token of courage and a commitment to keep going, even through the darkest times.


Calm Strips Greatest Hits

A curated assortment of Calm Strips' most beloved styles to elevate your relaxation experience. This collection features eight all-time favorite designs, with two strips each of four distinct textures: Soft Sand, River Rocks, Patterned Pebbles, and Smooth Satin.

Each collection includes one each of:

  • Nebula (Soft Sand)
  • Ocean Waves (Soft Sand)
  • Skyline (River Rocks)
  • Antelope Canyon (River Rocks)
  • Forest Sunrise (Smooth Satin)
  • Shoreside (Smooth Satin)
  • Tinted Bands (Patterned Pebbles)
  • Botanicals (Patterned Pebbles)

Be Kind Calm Shape

A beautiful reminder to be kind always. You never know what someone is going through. Design by Ginny Mossman.


Know Peace Calm Shape

Designed to promote mindfulness and inner peace, Know Peace serves as gentle reminders to pause, take a deep breath, and reconnect with the present moment. Based on the popular rainbow breathing technique: slowly trace your finger along each color of the rainbow, slowly inhaling and exhaling and focusing on your breathing.


Botanical Calm Strip

Delighting the senses with a symphony of colors and scents, this floral design invites you to immerse yourself in the intricate textures and patterns that showcase the meticulous craftsmanship of the botanical world.


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