A True Story About Emotional Overstimulation

AKA When Happy News Makes You Want To Puke. There really is such thing as too much of a good thing...at least for my brain.

A True Story About Emotional Overstimulation
Photo by Max van den Oetelaar / Unsplash
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A couple of days ago, I got off a call and sent Jeff a text message that simply said: “I’m going to puke.”

Before I go into the details of why I felt like I was going to puke, I feel it’s important to let you know that I’m physically fine. I’m not sick. I was actually feeling pretty good up until that moment.

It was one of those days where I felt really on top of things, ya know? I’d gotten up early, fit in a trip to the gym, had a productive therapy session where my therapist helped me make a healthy decision to skip a virtual training that afternoon because I realized I’d overloaded my day and could use that time to catch up on things I was stressing about instead (and not have to be social on a call).

At around 12:30, I checked my email to find a note from Michael Malkin, founder of Calm Strips. He said that he and Calm Strips’ Administrative Director, Luce Fuller, had been talking and had an idea for a possible collaboration with me and asked if I could hop on a video meeting later that day. Curious, I agreed to meet at 3:30 and went about my day.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you probably already know that my partnership with Calm Strips is nothing new. I’ve been an affiliate for them since fall 2020, and along with talking them up on social media, my initial review, Calm Strips: What They Are and Why I Love Em, is one of the top-visited pages on my site. We’ve hosted giveaways together and I include Calm Strips samples in every sticker order I ship out. They are wonderful people and I feel incredibly fortunate for all the opportunities and supporters that have come my way thanks to our partnership.

SO, you might be thinking: This all sounds great! What about this could possibly make you have to puke?