Questions I Don’t Know The Answers To…

Alternate title: My Secret Chocolate Period Book Stuffed With Riddle Cake That May Or May Not Contain Mice. Now I bet you have questions, too.

Questions I Don’t Know The Answers To…
Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya / Unsplash
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SO, I started thinking about writing this blog post three days ago. I think. It could have been yesterday. To be real with you, I have absolutely no idea what day it is or how much time has passed since I decided that I needed to share these very important questions with you.

You see, since I relaunched my website last week, I’ve done a lot of behind-the-scenes work that isn’t exactly fun but, as I’m slowly learning, very, very necessary. Despite the fact that I’ve written this blog for 10+ years and started selling stuff in November 2020, up until about six months ago, I never actually considered this a business.

When people asked what I did for work, I often told them that I freelanced…which isn’t exactly a lie…I mean I do freelance…for myself. But the idea that this website that I started in college could be a business? MY business? What? Who? ME? Get out of town.

Back in September, after spending weeks trying to figure out the very confusing world of sales tax, I finally caved and hired an accountant. I wanted to be able to use my mental energy to write and create, rather than agonize over Quickbooks and taxes. It was then, in our very first meeting, that my new accountant broke the news that Rosey Rebecca is, in fact, a business, and I decided I needed to start treating it as such.

So, after relaunching my website, I spent a lot of time researching all the things I need to do on the admin side of things. Then, after panicking and reading 3 million articles about privacy policies and why I need to have one, I recognized the warning signs of imminent burnout and decided to prioritize writing this blog post because I knew if I spent another day stressing about all the business tasks I have yet to complete, I wouldn’t have energy for one crucial task that makes all of that other stuff worth it: Writing. Here. To You.

So, hi, hello, I am here…and I have some questions. Maybe you know the answers. Maybe you don’t. If you do, feel free to share your wisdom in the comments or in reply to this email (if you subscribe to my blog posts).

Quick content note: This blog post includes references to my period and other bodily functions. I’m warning you now so you can stop reading if that’s too much information for you. Your loss.