How My Ankle Injury Taught Me To Love My Body

The story of how my ankle injury became a catalyst for self-love and acceptance.

How My Ankle Injury Taught Me To Love My Body
Photo by Natalia Y. / Unsplash
Update (July 2020): I almost deleted this post when I moved my blog over to Squarespace, but there are two reasons I didn’t:

1. I reference it in my post Why I Needed Hip Surgery at 27 Years Old.

2. I think it’s important to note that although this post talks about loving your body no matter what, I know that I did not fully believe this when I was 23. As I mentioned in my post about My Unhealthy Relationship with Healthy Living, I was very much a victim of diet culture; I struggled with body dysmorphia and disordered eating for almost all of my teens and 20s. However, I’m choosing to keep this post on my blog because I genuinely believe that 23-year-old Rebecca knew in her heart that an older version of herself would look back at this post and believe in the words she wrote. And I do believe them today. I truly do.