What I Should Be Doing VS What I'm Actually Doing: A Memoir

All that hyperfocus...on the wrong thing. Let's procrastinate together.

What I Should Be Doing VS What I'm Actually Doing: A Memoir
Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

Remember the other day when I shared this tweet:

Victoria Duncan and Pip Pip Hooray! on Twitter

Welcome to the theme of this blog post.

Here Are The Things I Planned To Do This Week:

  • Redesign my website.
  • Update the products in my shop.
  • Research tools to make blogging easier.
  • Send 2021 info to my accountant.
  • Write blog posts on more serious topics.
  • Watch the replays for the 800 webinars I signed up for and didn’t attend.
  • Order more stickers so when people buy them I don’t have to be like, “Whoops. Sorry. I’ll send those out in three years because I don’t actually have them in stock since I spent time writing a blog post about procrastinating rather than ordering any more sticker inventory.”

Here’s What I’m Doing Instead:

  • Writing this blog post.
  • Accepting the reality that this is just how my brain works.
  • Embracing imperfection.
  • Making a wish list for my birthday.
  • Sharing that list with you because 1) I’m procrastinating and 2) around this time each year, my friends and family ask me what I want for my birthday and my mind goes completely blank. This list is for them. And for you if you’re procrastinating, too.

Here are some things I want:

These Prints by Jota de jai

A Gift Card To Malaprops Bookstore

Malaprops Bookstore and Cafe Asheville

All The Candles From Sunday Candle Company

Sunday Candle Company El Sol

Their candles smell amazing and I’d like 300 of them.

A High Five Coffee Shop Gift Card

High Five Coffee Asheville NC

Gimme all the iced decaf cubanos please.

This TriggerPoint Grid 2.0 Foam Roller in Pink

Trigger Point Grid 2.0 Foam Roller Pink

Somebody please get me this foam roller before I steal it from my gym.

Bombas Running Quarter Sock 3-Pack in Violet-Blue Mix

Bombas Performance Quarter Sock 3-Pack

Is 35 is the age when I declare my love for a specific sock brand? Because it’s Bombas. Now and forever more.

The end.

As always, thank you for reading!