The Frantic Fantastic Flea Fiasco of 2018™

That time my indoor cat got fleas, and I was diagnosed with OCD, I bought a Dyson vacuum and officially became an adult.

The Frantic Fantastic Flea Fiasco of 2018™
Photo by Henry & Co. / Unsplash
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Then the vet tech came back into the room to administer the treatment and sitting right there on Aslan's sneaky little fur-covered neck was a flea. "Oh, there's one!" the vet tech exclaimed gleefully. Though I'm pretty sure the glee was just in my head.

“FUCK,” I texted Jeff. “She has fleas.”

“FUCK,” he replied.

And so it began, The Frantic Fantastic Flea Fiasco of 2018™
The Frantic Fantastic Flea Fiasco of 2018™-

I hesitated to write this post because, frankly, I'm a bit embarrassed, but I find myself on the constant verge of either laughing or crying (or doing both at the same time) due to our current predicament, so I figured I'd do what I always do when I feel like my head is about to explode: Write.

So Hi. Hello. I’m here. I’m here and currently dealing with fleas. FLEAS! Fleas on our indoor cat, Aslan, who I naively assumed couldn’t get fleas because she’s an indoor cat. WRONG.