When Anxiety Attacks and What To Do About It

Let's talk about my lifelong struggle with anxiety and what works and what doesn't.

When Anxiety Attacks and What To Do About It
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Update (July 2020): This is the first post on my blog explicitly dedicated to mental health. Before this, I’d mentioned my issues with anxiety a few times in passing but never actually admitted to having an anxiety disorder until this post.

While some of the things I talk about in this post are a little vague, the bulk of the advice is still valid. Note that when I wrote this post, I still considered myself a “healthy-living” blogger, but as you will read, I was in the very early stages of realizing that overall health is less about appearance and more about self-care and inner work.

What’s interesting to me about going back through my old posts is that now, having been diagnosed with Autism, OCD, and ADHD, I can spot it in my writing. For instance, the advice I give in this post for helping prevent anxiety—don’t procrastinate, stay organized, concentrate—are all GREAT tips for someone who doesn’t have untreated ADHD, as I did. I am impressed that even though I hadn’t been diagnosed with OCD as of this writing, I was able to talk about watching my thoughts and labeling them as anxiety. Even then, I knew the power of distraction to help lessen my intrusive thoughts. Overall, I am grateful I’ve written this blog for so long because it’s helpful to look back and see how far I’ve come and how much I’ve grown.

As with all of my posts that speak in detail about my various diagnoses and medications, I must state that these experiences are my own and yours might be completely different. I’m not a doctor and I strongly advise that you seek the help of a psychiatrist and/or therapist to figure out what treatment plan is best for you. Please see my disclaimer for more information about what I share on this site.